Player object controller bar

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat May 25 09:33:01 EDT 2019

In a related quest:  I just went through the same thing yesterday...

I would like to trap if a user clicks the play icon on the player controller itself. I have functions which take the current time etc. allow time based  annotation in field. But they only work if the use clicks my "Play"  button to initiate the handlers. Like you have a little API to the player, all run from buttons independent of the controller.

But if the user click the player to start or scrubs forward and backwards, it by passes the timing currentTime function. I could hide the player, make my own progress bar to tie to my own "little player API" handlers, but that seems to be overkill. 

So, this requires knowing what is/can be handled in the background when the user interact with the controller, that we can track/handle "that is built into the controller bar itself."


Paul wrote:

    I have searched the dictionary, Guides, and but have been 
    unable to find a annotated picture of the LC9xx player objects' 
    controller bar and what each control does, especially in combinations 
    with with modifier keys
    Clearly, some controls are obvious, like play/pause, etc., but I am 
    looking for detailed documentation so I don't miss anything that is 
    built into the controller bar itself.

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