how to load a local file into the browser widget?

Curt Ford curt at
Fri May 24 16:02:20 EDT 2019

Is there a trick to getting a local html file to display in the browser 
widget? I'm using this in a test button (in 9.0.4, on a Mac):


*# set the defaultFolder to the folder containing the stackfile*

set*thedefaultFoldertoitem1to-2 ofit*
answer*"defaultFolder is"&& thedefaultFolder

*if* thereisafile"Future.html"*then**
answer*"OK, it's there"*
answer*"not found!"*
end* *if*

*put*"file:/"& thedefaultFolder& slash& "Future.html"intotFile*
answer*"the URL is"&& theURLofwidget"Browser"


The .html file is in the same folder with the stack file, and in the 
standalone I've copied it into the bundle & the stack seems to find it, 
but nothing displays in the widget, both in IDE and the standalone. 
Loading a remote location works fine with



Is there something else to keep in mind when displaying a local file?


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