repeat with times

andrew at andrew at
Wed May 22 15:09:29 EDT 2019

I realize there are better and more efficient ways to construct that  
loop, but the fact that the original code does not throw an error in  
9.0.5rc1 but does throw an error in 9.5dp1 made it seem like a  

After re-reading the release notes I think this is probably the result  
of bug 20951 being squashed @

--Andrew Bell

> Hi.
> What Ludovic suggests is not just a shortCut. You can say:
> repeat 5
> or repeat 5 times
> but you could never say:
> repeat with y =1 to 5 times
> It is not a regression, that is, something in the latest v.9 build, it is
> bad syntax.
> Craig

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