Question on automatically generating an MSI file

JJS jjs at
Sat May 18 03:23:11 EDT 2019

Nope, i use Inno Setup Compiler. It's free and very easy

Op 17-5-2019 om 19:17 schreef Trevor DeVore via use-livecode:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering about being able to create MSI installers for applications
> built with Levure. The goal is to help IT departments easily install and
> update an application using Group Policy.
> I have never worked with MSI files before and know nothing about them.
> Ideally a text file could be generated during the Levure application
> packaging process that could be packaged up by whatever tool on Windows
> creates MSI files. There are already Levure helpers that do this for Inno
> Setup and DropDMG.
> Does anyone on this list have a strong working knowledge of MSI and whether
> or not this is feasible?

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