Resize Stack Sent Everytime a Stack Opens?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu May 16 19:57:52 EDT 2019

OK with the help of Brian off list I go something going! But I have a confession to make and a bug to report

1) in middle of the script, in logging, I used a

Put "somevalue" into fld "log"

Which of course removed anything before that, including a "resize" stack, which had log entries.

2) But, it not all my fault (hehe)  With Brian's help  (and Richard persistently point by point "what should happen, if is it not, it is a bug...,") I learned that
 a) orientationChanged fires first, and then 
b) resizestack, x,y,oldX,oldY fire next and *then* it renders.
 (needs to be in the dictionary!) 

Simple! I  made a clone of the production stack, copied the new behavior script made Brian's  with help  (Thanks Brian!) and made a little light weight standalone for testing and it worked.
So I thought "ahha gotcha now" and copied the stack into my modular framework, back in, and tested it. It did not work! But they are virtually identical? What could be wrong? The only thing was how it was opened, by the IDE and by my code?

Well the reason for my going around in circles about resizestack not firing, is, because the resizestack is not fired if you "go to stack in window..."

   if (cardOrStackObject  is not among the items of tLandScapeModeStacks) AND  \
         (trueword 2 of cardOrStackObject  is not among the items of tLandScapeModeStacks) AND \
         (oStackName is not among the items of  tLandScapeModeStacks) then
           --go cardOrStackObject in stack oStackName 
                 # you do this, you get nothing in resizestack
          --close stack oStackName   
	      # I changed to this:
             close stack oStackName  
              go cardOrStackObject

      ntInfo "close one; open next"
      close stack oStackName  
      go cardOrStackObject
   end if

And so, I was fight my geometry handlers when it was in really the navigation, from one stack to the next.  All of the above gets reduced to :

      ntInfo "close one; open next"
      close stack oStackName  
      go cardOrStackObject


On 5/13/19, 6:26 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Brian Milby via use-livecode" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of use-livecode at> wrote:

    I'll send a copy of the stack separately, but here are my thoughts:
    - Caveat that I only have an Amazon Fire available for testing
    - resizeStack does get called, before openCard on card Loader
    - no field "log" exists on card "Loader" which is probably why resizeStack
    was not working
    - I added "addLog" and "clearLog" handlers to allow for logging from any
    - when launched, I get a "resizeStack 600,952,414,736" call
    - nav bar is never positioned off screen
    I made the above notes on LC 9.0.1; I then installed 9.0.4 and found
    different issues
    - there is a visible shift of the log box (corrected with below changes)
    - moved script locals to preOpenStack so they would be available sooner
    - moved orientation code to preOpenStack

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