Seeking confirmation of a bug...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 16 19:35:38 EDT 2019

Paul Dupuis wrote:

 > I am sometimes astonished that a bug like this can go undetected
 > through so many releases. It causes me to worry about the adoption
 > of LC as a serious commercial application building tool.

This is why I do my daily work in the latest available build, and 
encourage others to do the same.

And it's why I'm generally happy with the progress on issues I report.

When I work in the latest build, I see issues that affect my work 
quickly. I report them quickly.  And, as we've seen here, they're often 
resolved quickly.

LC has thousands of features, with gawdknowshowmany options for using 
them all, a combinatorial explosion of possibilities. The odds that 
someone else might happen to need the same mix of options my work relies 
on seem low.

So I use the current version.

I everyone did, issues like this would be found sooner, and resolved sooner.

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