[ANN] Release 9.0.4 RC-1

Lagi Pittas iphonelagi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 10:20:25 EDT 2019

HI Panos,

I think Clarence thought I was targeting you, because I mentioned your
name. The only reason I mentioned your name is that I was pretty sure you
would answer (you didn't disappoint").

And yes you are all dedicated BUT I would still try and hunt down a "dog
eared" PC with McAffee, Defender,  and lots of uninstalled Cruft, with VB6
installed old versions of Delphi, Dropbox, Google Drive,  4 versions of
Livecode, and make sure it was a windows 7  that had been "upgraded" to
windows 10 with lots of "Utilities".  Hopefully you can then replicate the
slowdowns a lot of us are seeing.  No that is not my machine - I go
slowdowns in a pretty Virgin copy of Windows 10.- not as bad now but I am
still on "stable"

Failing that How about writing a plugin that logs the
processes/timings/calls/events  etc of livecode while we are in the IDE and
we can submit that with comments as to what we see at what time. It's the
only way we are going to get this sorted. If I ddin't know how powerful
Livecode was and I was a new user I would be off in a flash.

Regards Lagi

On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 12:56, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode <
use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:

> Clarence,
> Thank you for your kind words. I do not feel targeted, sorry if it came
> out that way. English is not my native language, so from time to time a
> misunderstanding might occur :)
> I (and everyone in the team - but I speak for myself now) highly appreciate
> the effort and time LiveCode developers spend on trying new releases and
> providing feedback - especially when this feedback comes in a bug report
> with a detailed recipe. Each developer uses LC differently (and in a
> different setup), so the more people submit bug reports, the better idea we
> have on what needs to be fixed in future releases.
> Kind regards,
> Panos
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