Any reason to use Apple file TYPE codes anymore?

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Thu Mar 28 13:31:04 EDT 2019

Hi Paul,

> Am 28.03.2019 um 18:24 schrieb Paul Dupuis via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> In Livecode you can use file extensions (like .txt) or apple 4-character file type codes (like "TEXT") in a "type" or "types" filter of the answer file command. As in:
> answer file[s] prompt [with defaultPath] [with type types [or type types ...]] windowTitle] [as sheet]
> Where a "types" is like "JPEG Images|jpg,jpeg|JPEG"
> Is there any reason these days to bother with Apple 4-Character file Type codes?


> I believe all recent version of OSX force file extensions even if hidden by default.

Yes, although you still can save a file without extension.

> I also though that the 4-character type codes had been deprecated by Apple long ago?

Sorry, don't know.

> Opinions? Thoughts? Anyone bother with them these days? Anyone find them actually necessary?
> If so why? What use case did you run into where they were necessary?



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