ANN: Script Editor Refactoring Support

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Mar 20 14:24:09 EDT 2019


On 3/20/2019 1:45 PM, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> Announcing (60 days until the San Jose conference):
> Script Editor Refactor Plugin
>     Brings refactoring support to the LiveCode Script Editor.
>     Place the plugin into your user Plugins folder.
>     After launching the script editor there will be a new Refactoring 
> menuItem in the Edit menu.
>     The Refactoring menuItem will also appear in the contextual menu 
> of the Script Editor.
>     The Refactoring menu is inspired by the JetBrains refactoring 
> support in RubyMine, etc.
> Rename Handler
>     Allows you to rename in just the current script or all scripts in 
> the stack.
> Rename Variable
>     Both Rename Handler and Rename Variable change all uses of the 
> object.
> Convert Literal To Constant
>     Creates a constant for the selected literal value.
>     For instance, converts the string literal "hello" to
>     constant kHello = "hello"
>     and changes all references of "hello" to use kHello, i.e.,
>       put kHello into tVariable
>     instead of
>       put "hello" into tVariable
> Change Signature
>     Change the parameter list for a command or function.
>     For instance, change "myCommand pKey" to "myCommand pKey, pValue"
>     Modifying parameters will modify calls to the handler in all 
> scripts in the stack.
> Safe Delete
>     Only deletes the handler/variable if nothing is using it.
>     Otherwise you get a warning specifying where it's used.
> Move Handler To
> Copy Handler To
>     These allow you to select a new home for the selected handler.
> Create Getter and Setter
>     Allow external access to a script local variable.
>     The handlers will be named after the variable name:
>     local ArrayName
>     becomes
>       command setArrayNameTo pValue
>     and
>       function ArrayName()
> Add Documentation
>     Creates documentation for a handler in the form
>     /**
>     * HandlerName
>     * parameters
>     * Returns (if a function)
>     * returnValues
>     */
>     The documentation format is stored as a custom property template 
> and can be modified if desired.
> Add Test
>     Adds a template unit test for the selected handler to a file in 
> the same folder as the stack.
>     The file has the same name as the stack with the ".tests" extension.
>     The tests file is intended to be run using Ah, Software's 
> TestRunner unit testing stack.
>     The unit test format is stored as a custom property template.
>     Modifying it will probably cause it to cease functioning.
> Convert Global To
>     Script Local
>     Getter and Setter
>     Property
> Convert Variable To
>     Script Local
>     Parameter
>     Property
> Extract To
>     Creates a new handler from the selected block of code in the 
> current script.
> Find Orphan Code
>     Displays a list of unused local variables and uncalled handlers.
>     Double-click a list item to select it in the script editor.
> Undo Last Refactor
>     There's a full undo first-in-last-out stack mechanism for those 
> oops moments.
>     Issues a warning if you attempt to undo changes already saved to 
> disk.
> Go Back (contextual menu only)
>     Not strictly part of a refactoring process, but since I was 
> reworking the Edit menu anyway...
>     After a "Go to definition" call, this gets you back to where you 
> were.
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