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Ralph, thanks for this reminder.
I think that backups are very important. I don't have a big or even little
client base but I have had to restart, and rebuild many things on my
computer over the years. The loss of data is a very memorable event to
computer users.

A little story, if you don't mind. Maybe some other LiveCode users can
benefit from the following story.
In my quest for a good backup software, I chose Acronis True Image Backup
The UI is not the best in the world but it seemed like a good program and
has received great reviews from many reputable reviewers. I went for it!
It worked well with one exception. I noticed that my LiveCode was
experiencing a substantial slowdown in its performance. This problem was
witnessed by another developer who was giving me some assistance. I could
not figure out what was happening, so I tried to find the source of my
problem. I di create a bug report -21885.
After many efforts to find the problem and removing several other
applications including the Windows Defender Fire Wall, and McAfee Fire Wall,
I decided to reset my Windows10 computer back to a new install. I knew the
ramifications of doing this and accepted the work ahead of me.
Everything was goo with LiveCode and I started reloading programs to see if
any of them was causing the problem. Windows Defender worked just fine,
McAfee was ok and so I continued. Finally, I reloaded Acronis True Image
along with an option to run Active Protection. That's when the LiveCode
Slowness problems started again. It seems as though LiveCode does many disk
reads and writes and Active Protection monitors these activities. It flags
these activities as suspicious and slows the system down a lot.
I found their Chat support as a poor choice. The two support people that I
had were totally useless.
I did find the Active Protect logs and found out what was happening. You can
set the Active Protect to ignore LiveCode and everything just works.
That's my story - it seems as though it's a short story made long, but
hopefully useful to you and other users.


Clarence Martin
Email: chipsm at
Phone: 636 6965561

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Just a reminder... On Win 10 my 2 TB Raid 1 array using 1.3 TBs containing
all my data, 3 dev VMs and all my source code was corrupted. It took a very
annoying day to replace HW(controller) and recover data/VMs from my backups.
All is back with NO data loss.

As it has been said here before "Raid is not a substitute for backups". I
have multiple copies with at least 1 off-line(crypto locker/power surge) and
1 off-site(fire/theft). I don't use any cloud backups. Why? MySpace lost 12
years of user data last year. Although cloud backup reliability is high it's
not high enough for me to bet my business on not to mention how long it
would take to download 1.3 TBs. Although all my Mac data is an SMB to the
Win Raid I still use Time Machine on the Mac so I don't need to re-install
components needed development.

Stay vigilant my friends.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at

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