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Thank you for the reply!   Yes, it is a Mac External.  If I change the IDE to run at 32-bit, then I assume that it will produce apps that are 32-bit.  If that's true, then that's really not a solution as Apple is requiring that all apps be 64-bit.   I am probably going to have to have this external rebuilt, right?


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    Hi Dan,
    On 2019-03-18 16:35, Dan Friedman via use-livecode wrote:
    > FYI, it's working in LC 8.X. -- the stack is closed when the external
    > paths are set, I am verifying that the external exists, etc.  It's
    > working in 8, what changed in 9?
    If this is a Mac external and it has not been rebuilt for a couple of 
    (at least), then it is most likely that it does not have a 64-bit slice.
    The 9 IDE (and standalones) build and run (by default) in 64-bit mode
    on Mac - although you can still build standalones with a 32-bit slice 
    (if you are not running 10.14) switch the IDE to run in 32-bit by using
    Get Info on the LiveCode app bundle in Finder.
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