acceleratedRendering bugs

Tom Glod tom at
Fri Mar 8 11:46:18 EST 2019

Yeah...... accelerated rendering for dg2 and subgroups was moved to release
9.1 a while back.

I'm looking forward to it as well.

several things that can work in the mean time is

* using lower resolution with scaling quality set to normal
* updating images after the grid rows have updated. (this enables scrolling
to be faster)
* large text fields are slow too..... so putting in only enough text to
render speeds it up alot

I am very curious about the speed increase of the grid after these AR
changes have been implemented.

On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 4:18 PM JJS via use-livecode <
use-livecode at> wrote:

> Hi,
> i saw there are stil 17 bugs open on acceleratedRendering.
> Is there any sight on when they will be solved? (or at least the most
> bugging ones)
> Especially the up shifted screen with the keyboards and the black
> screens (even short when switching cards) on mobile.
> And could it be cause for slow scrolling of DG's  (with images)?
> I know there are some tricks, but in most cases i turn it off and on
> again depending what's on the card and if a keyboard has to be used.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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