Windows: Open image with LC EXE

Klaus major-k klaus at
Wed Mar 6 11:40:01 EST 2019

Hi friends,

this came up in the german LC forum:
If you right-click an image file (Jpg) on the desktop
you will get a list of applications that can handle a Jpg image.

This list is provided by the "Windows Explorer" (I think, I'm a Mac guy).

Now if your LC exe happens to be in that list and we select our app, 
what message, if at all, does our EXE receive when the "Explorer" "sends" 
that image to our application whivh MAY be open already.

I mean how can we get to know what image file the user wants to open 
with our EXE, so we can load it into an image object in our EXE?

Know what I mean?
Thanks for any hint!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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