Go in Window on Mobile / Not Obeying Purge?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sat Mar 2 08:41:40 EST 2019

Good morning Richard

    "But just to clarify, the stack in question is a separate stack file, and 
    not a substack of the one you're going to, yes?" 

@ Peter & Ralph
      "inspectors still open for closed stack" -- that would be only desktop. But this is on mobile. In a standalone. 

I am seeing runtime changes to the UI -- a puzzle game, you can leave it mid-way through the game, all the "tiles" left in a new location... go to another stack, go third stack, and back to the puzzle. Tiles are still where you left them So, we deem this a "bug"?  But... could be a possible use case to leave it the way it is?

Navigation is now using  a  "back" script call


Handler: portal_GoStack (trimmed version for this mail)

command portal_GoStack cardOrStackObject
   put the short name of this stack into oStackName
   # cannot pass quotes to these strings or you will
   # break the JSON, BR added utilities section to lib_SivaSiva
   put removeQuotes(cardOrStackObject) into pTrackdata["contentTarget"]
   if oStackName <> empty then # this is not the first run boot of portal
      deleteAllMobileControls # will destroy all except audioPlayer
   end if
   set the acceleratedRendering of stack oStackName to false
   if isMobile() then
      go cardOrStackObject in stack oStackName

# desktop: does not work to go from portrait to landscape
# hence:

      close stack oStackName 
      go cardOrStackObject

   end if
end portal_GoStack

It appears that a simple hack would be 

if isMobile() then
      go cardOrStackObject in stack oStackName
      close stack oStackName

... Which I tried... it works and does not affect performance.

But the use case could be:

Put "wordpuzzles,journal,myTracking" into tNoCloseStacks

if isMobile() then
      go cardOrStackObject in stack oStackName
		If oStackname notI(is among) items of tNoCloseStacks then
			close stack oStackName
		end if

My puzzle fanatic users will love that! Users as the  "high end" - Level 4 with 206-270 characters, (really hard!) means they can came back to it... 

but oops? On iOS, if leave the app, but don't close the app. And come back to it, the puzzle reverts to the original, default save state. (no tiles, waiting to choose "New Puzzle"


Aside: This means that there *is* a resume app message that is sent on mobile! Jacque has asked about this in the past....

Now I don't know, it is a bug or not? I don’t see "this close the previous stack" anyway in the "Go" entry of the dictionary

" Use the go command to move to another card in the current stack, to
open a stack and go to a card within it, or to move backward and forward
among recently visited cards.

If the stack is open, is closed but loaded into memory, or is listed in
the current stack's stackFiles property, you can specify it simply
by name:"



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