windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Jan 8 09:14:19 CET 2019


 > The file is saved regularly, but not at the interval that I thought.

One more hint - during symptoms, after making a new text selection with 
the mouse (as opposed to just typing on a line) there was an especially 
big delay before the field would be responsive again. To be successful 
with copy/paste I had to select, keep waiting for a second or two before 
copying, then select, wait until blinking insertion returned, then 
paste. Selecting and copying right away would fail.

Since that bug report, I've noticed that sometimes the line numbers in 
the SE will get out of sync with scrolling text and stick at a certain 
point (on Mac too, not requiring any symptoms of this bug and perhaps 
unrelated). In that condition, making a selection is what triggers the 
line numbers to refresh - maybe a significant trigger for some actions.

But during symptoms, it wasn't only slow selections - sometimes 
keystrokes were easy to mess up, but memory is growing dim. Now that we 
know the Defender fix, if the final fix still proves illusive I may need 
to unfix my computer when I get some time, maybe video it, to test 
symptoms again and make a more precise record of the editing delays and 
what triggers them.

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Curry Kenworthy

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