windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Jan 8 09:06:54 CET 2019


 > Personally, I feel no driving need to try to take Mark
 > Waddingham to school.

I have the utmost respect for Mark and his tremendous knowledge. And for 
everyone else high or low for that matter. I don't play favorites or 
tiptoe, I treat people the same. As the old saying goes, it rains on 
everyone. The laws and natural results of habits and actions good or bad 
apply to all.

Including me first and foremost; as I've indicated, matters of 
self-discipline involve the self, you can't actually force habits on 
others. But I do share and teach, to help others get better results. It 
works but it requires some discipline. Everyone can improve - you were 
asking, and I was answering, mostly about regular users. My clients 
teach me important lessons too. Learning is never a one-way street.

I seriously doubt this issue is Mark's fault (In fact, I don't think I 
mentioned any names) and in fact I'm still not 100% certain we've nailed 
it until it's verified, although it seems logical that we're close. 
Still some assumptions though, and therefore still possible to be wrong.

A little Mark would probably go a long way here! :D Then again this bug 
being in the IDE, I can understand if he is answering a higher calling.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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