windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Jan 8 01:47:01 CET 2019


 > Speed, what are we talking about? milliseconds?
 > Overall i find it working great with enough speed.
 > Microsoft will probably not be interested that LC
 > will run slow due to their product.

It looks like your reply MIGHT be referencing more general LC 9 ENGINE 
performance, an unrelated topic that Richard introduced to this thread. 
If so, important to correct before it becomes a snowball incorrect meme 
of a thousand posts. See my previous.

Depending on what turns out to be the final fix, snappier performance 
may be an extra benefit. I'm not going to explain why in detail; the 
savvy may understand, but that's a SECONDARY bonus that Richard 
amplified via conflation with another issue, and no time as I've had to 
correct some needless misrepresentations.

But such a performance perk would be of the nature that Richard 
described today himself as "Inexplicable slowdowns are the big mystery." 
And he has pointed out that Defender affects other apps with slowdowns.

So, depending on the fix, if something can be tweaked in SE/IDE to avoid 
Defender issues, that may have the side effect of better SE performance 
- depending on what actions (if any) in SE/IDE allow Defender/AV to get 
involved when the user is merely typing. Typically something we would 
not expect.

(Not talking about general engine ms speed, to type 500 wpm.) :)

PS: And of course to Richard's little trap perhaps, an example of the 
wifebeater question for those who follow fallacies and the like in 
dishonest/manipulative techniques of conversation, I'll amend my 
statement in previous post; I never made any suggestion that the Script
Editor was the cause of Microsoft's issues with Defender as it relates 
to any other apps. Nice one, Richard, but I caught it right after.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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