windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 6 21:56:53 CET 2019

Matthias Rebbe wrote:

 >> Am 06.01.2019 um 20:31 schrieb Richard Gaskin:
 >> I don't believe certificates have been confirmed as the
 >> differentiator for apps immune to this Microsoft bug, but
 >> if anyone can confirm that please add it to the notes in
 >> the report:
 > Is there a sample stack, maybe a benchmark stack,  i could test under
 > Win10 which shows the behaviour with defender and does it not with
 > defender inactive?
 > I then could test the created standalone with and wihtout signing.

So far most reports center around using LC's Script Editor, which is 
sensible enough as it's one of the most computationally intensive 
activities we do regularly with LC.

The key, however, seems to be not just Windows Defender itself, but 
specific to its "Real Time Protection" option, per Comment 8 in that report.

So a good first diagnostic step would be to check that setting on your 
system.  If it's already on and you've noticed no lag when editing large 
scripts, it may be a red herring.  But if you only see lag after turning 
it on, that would seem reasonable confirmation, consistent with what at 
least half a dozen or so other users have reported so far.

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