Refactoring is your friend / moving from 6.x to 9.x

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 6 20:28:38 CET 2019

Malte Pfaff-Brill wrote:

 > If there were a list of things that do no longer work as they did non
 > previous engines it would have been beneficial for me to check off
 > points like „Yes, using that, need to fix / No, does not affect my
 > work"

Half of that problem is solved in the Engine Changes section of the 
Release Notes.

That change list is added to with each release within a maintenance 
release (x.x through x.x.x), reset for feature releases (x.x).

But that addresses only half of the problem of the differences between 
two versions: it outlines the changes in the version you're moving to, 
but does not express everything since the version you were last using.

To solve that second half of the problem would require the maintainer of 
the Release Notes to be able to know which version each user had last 
used, and expand the Release Notes for that scope. :)

Of course that's impractical, and if you keep current from version to 
version you only need to read one.

But if you've missed several Stable versions, you may want to skim the 
Engine Changes listing for the Stable builds of the feature releases 
you've skipped:

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