DataView and DataView Tree Levure Helpers

JJS jjs at
Fri Jan 4 21:05:08 CET 2019

Thanks very much for your clear reply Trevor.

And i'd like to thank you for your great contributions.

Given the fact we can always "roll back" , i can give it a try on a 
project and see how it goes.

I was especially interested in the Dataview as perhaps it is faster and 
may scroll smoother than the DG2.

Have a good weekend !

(and who knows Levure might be adopted by LC to add as an optional way 
of working)

Op 4-1-2019 om 19:51 schreef Trevor DeVore via use-livecode:
> On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 12:12 PM JJS via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Curious about some things.
> Can this dataview do the same things as the datagrid?
>> Like Form with images and fields on a row via row template or similar?
> Yes. Row templates use the same concept as DataGrids.
>> Does it has scroller for mobile? or has it to be created like with DG1
>> and other groups?
> The scroller for mobile is built in. You can see the code in the
> `preOpenControl` message:
>>    l hesitate on using a lot of 3rd party tools, support could be stopped
>> anytime, and if you then depend on it...
>> We already depend on LC.
> That is a valid concern and one that I share myself. The tools that I
> release are open source and there is no official support for them. Given my
> responsibilities at my company I have chosen not to sell or officially
> support contributions I make available to the LiveCode community. I do,
> however, want to contribute non-proprietary work I do to the community so
> that we can all make better apps. I have chosen to do that through making
> the code available on GitHub and using the MIT license. I also try to
> document them as best as I can given the time I have available. Everyone
> has full access to the source code and others can contribute to the source
> code. For example, three other people have contributed to Levure besides
> myself. They contribute by helping with docs, submitting code updates, and
> reporting issues. You can see the list of contributors here:
>> Like i like to give levure a try, but also hesitate, can i turn back to
>> the "normal" way of building an app?
> You can always go back to how you were developing your apps previously. How
> much "unwinding" would need to be done depends on how many changes you make
> to your app in order to adopt everything that Levure has to offer.
> Regarding what is "normal" – Outside of apps that only use a handful of
> stack files, I honestly don't know that there is a "normal" way of building
> an app in LiveCode. I have seen a lot of different organizational
> approaches over the years. Since LiveCode doesn't have a "project" concept
> it seems that everyone tries to create their own version of what a project
> should be. At least with Levure you are using a well-documented system
> whose source code is available and that is at least being used by some
> other people.
> Let me know if you have any further questions.

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