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> Curious about some things.

Can this dataview do the same things as the datagrid?
> Like Form with images and fields on a row via row template or similar?

Yes. Row templates use the same concept as DataGrids.

> Does it has scroller for mobile? or has it to be created like with DG1
> and other groups?

The scroller for mobile is built in. You can see the code in the
`preOpenControl` message:

>   l hesitate on using a lot of 3rd party tools, support could be stopped
> anytime, and if you then depend on it...
> We already depend on LC.

That is a valid concern and one that I share myself. The tools that I
release are open source and there is no official support for them. Given my
responsibilities at my company I have chosen not to sell or officially
support contributions I make available to the LiveCode community. I do,
however, want to contribute non-proprietary work I do to the community so
that we can all make better apps. I have chosen to do that through making
the code available on GitHub and using the MIT license. I also try to
document them as best as I can given the time I have available. Everyone
has full access to the source code and others can contribute to the source
code. For example, three other people have contributed to Levure besides
myself. They contribute by helping with docs, submitting code updates, and
reporting issues. You can see the list of contributors here:

> Like i like to give levure a try, but also hesitate, can i turn back to
> the "normal" way of building an app?

You can always go back to how you were developing your apps previously. How
much "unwinding" would need to be done depends on how many changes you make
to your app in order to adopt everything that Levure has to offer.

Regarding what is "normal" – Outside of apps that only use a handful of
stack files, I honestly don't know that there is a "normal" way of building
an app in LiveCode. I have seen a lot of different organizational
approaches over the years. Since LiveCode doesn't have a "project" concept
it seems that everyone tries to create their own version of what a project
should be. At least with Levure you are using a well-documented system
whose source code is available and that is at least being used by some
other people.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Trevor DeVore
CTO - ScreenSteps

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