Mixed styles in mobile native field?

Alex Shaw alex at harryscollar.com
Wed Jan 2 08:24:56 CET 2019

Yes, this would be useful.

Even if it's just adding bold, italics or underline to a selection, like 
iOS email.

Entering longer text paragraphs on mobile is awkward enough and looks 
like we can't access the clipboard on mobile with a LC field.

Having users enter markdown or basic html wouldn't be ideal.

Currently, looking at slatejs in a browser instance as a solution but 
open to suggestions.

btw what ever happened to Curry's fieldtrip?


On 24/4/15 5:50 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Jacque wrote:
> > On 4/23/2015 2:01 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> >> I see that we can set the font, size, color, etc for a mobile field,
> >> but can we get/set styled text via htmlText or some other means?
> >>
> >> If not, anyone know if there's a request for that in the RQCC?
> >>
> >
> > I don't think so, but if this is just for display, use a regular LC
> > field and lay a native scroller over it. Do your users need to create
> > styled text?
> Yes.  I've seen very few apps that support editable styled text, but 
> sometimes it's useful.

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