LiveCode 9.0.2 on Windows unable to build for Mac?!?!?!?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Jan 1 19:00:18 CET 2019

Monte and Brian,

Thank you both. Here is the very specific details of the change between 
LC901 and LC902 that I am seeing:

Under the Window 10/LiveCode 9.0.1 Business STABLE under the FILE > 
Standalone Application Settings..., in the Copy Files tab, under 
"Non-stack files in the Application",  I have:

These folders are in the same parent folder as the mainstack of the 
project. When I select FILE > Save as Standalone Application... and 
build a Windows and OSX standalones I get a Folder in the build 
destrination called: "HyperRESEARCH" (the name of the Application). In 
that folder I have a "MacOS" folder and a "Windows" folder.

The MacOS folder cotains the OSX app bundle, in this case called 

Under Windows 10, in LC9.0.1 Business STABLE, the Components and 
Documentation folders (and all their subfolders and files) are copied to:\Contents\Resources\_MacOS\Components\Contents\Resources\_MacOS\Documentation

i.e. the 2 references folders with all *files* and subfolders in the 
originals copied here.

On Windows 10, in LC9.0.2 Business STABLE, the Components and 
Documentation folders are not handled in the same way.
The FOLDERS and SUFOLDERS, but NO FILES are copied to:\Contents\Resources\_MacOS\Components\Contents\Resources\_MacOS\Documentation

However, the FOLDERS and SUBFOLDERS are also copied to

AND it is this location that contains the actual FILES!

A change like this is a point maintenance release seems to be a bug?!?

Monte: While I get that the engine may have changed so that it looks 
first in the MacOS folder of the app bundle and then if not found n the 
Resources\_MacOS, the change from 9.0.1 to 9.0.2 still seem like a bug. 
Maybe it is because I don't use the "engine" to find these folders (and 
the files in them), I use the explicit path as in the past there was no 
specialFolderPath to make use of.

If this really is a correct change - back to placing the actual files in 
the FOLDERs in the MacOS with the executable - the opposite of what you 
said that they should be in the Resources/_MacOS folder, I can alter my 
code for it. However, I think this is a Regression in 9.0.2 from 9.0.1. 
If someone can confirm this really is a bug, I will happily file a bug 

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