Is HTML5 really practical?

hh hh at
Sat Aug 31 11:29:34 EDT 2019

> Rick H. wrote:
> LC HTML5 engine in my opinion isn’t practical for many of the
> reasons other’s have stated...
> ... What does work for making websites/webpages is:
> Apache 2.x, LC Server, databases such as PostgreSQL, 
> non-LC HTML5, and CSS.

I have made with nearly every progress in the standalone engine in
sum 69 examples. Most of them are simple. Some of them show things
that are not available by other web tools.

So take one of the more advanced examples and show me how to make that
with the tools you cited. I'm looking forward. I didn't need more than
a few hours for most of these examples.

TMHO, the HTML5 standalone builder is an appropriate tool for creating
learning software. Of course you can, if you like headache, use a lot
of huge and inscrutable javascript packages (increases also the loading

But if you are clever and use the best of both sides (LiveCode in the
standalone and HTML5 in the page) then you can create apps that you
can't have in LC or HTML alone: 'synergetic effects' are possible.

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