Native HTML5 field

hh hh at
Sat Aug 31 08:13:22 EDT 2019

Just uploaded the source code to "Sample Stacks":

[1] HTML5 Multi Windows (Focus-Move-Resize) v110
[2] HTML5 GoStackURL v100
[3] HTML5 Native Field v106

or use ... for [1] ... for [2] ... for [3]

Stack [2] needs a local server and your stacks (which should
work with HTML5) in a folder to load with go stack URL from
the standalone (uses same origin policy).

** Stacks [1] and [3] are ready for compiling. Just download
and hit button "TEST" from the LC 9.5.0 or 9.0.5 toolbar. **

For an example of [3] that uses webfonts from its server use (EU) (US)

For more examples in HTML5 I wait first for some progress of
LC in that field. 

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