Android Speed Woes

Dan Friedman dan at
Thu Aug 29 16:24:21 EDT 2019

Hello again!   I am have a tough time getting things to run snappy on an Android device.  It's blazing fast on my computer, and more than acceptable on my iPhone, but on any android device, it's slow... noticeably sluggish.   The issue is mainly hiding/showing groups.  For example:

put the milliseconds into m
lock screen --for visual effect in rect (the rect of grc "ne_BG") //removed the animation for speed testing
hide grp "ne_mainControls"
show grp "ne_repeatG"
unlock screen --with visual effect push left
answer (the milliseconds - m)

The result of m is:
iMac = 10
iOS = 1   (iPhoneX)
Android = 516  (Moto G5 Plus Android 7.0)

The groups contain no images or complex graphics.  Just some buttons and fields.

I have tried it with and without acceleratedRendering.  Actually, with acceleratedRendering enabled it took longer, m=558.

I have it setup like this:
Card "calendar"
   Group "newEventG"  --> layerMode set to "Container"
      Group "ne_mainControls"  --> layerMode set to "Dynamic"
      Group " ne_repeatG"  --> layerMode set to "Dynamic"

Any thoughts or advice?  Most other functions are working within acceptable ranges/speeds.


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