Is HTML5 really practical?

William Prothero waprothero at
Fri Aug 30 16:42:03 EDT 2019

I’m considering making a web site that will use livecode’s html5 engine. Is this practical? 

What I want to create is a signup system for a kayaking club. Paddles are scheduled for each week and members enter their names for various paddle times. The member list would be in a database and there would also be a membership page with entries for various aspects of their skill levels.

HH’s demos see to show reasonable engine load times, but I’m wondering whether it might be easier and better to just use the engine as a cgi and do everything in css and html.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any compelling use case for livecode's html5. Is there one, at this time?

Any thoughts?


William A. Prothero

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