Android Speed Woes

Pi Digital sean at
Thu Aug 29 19:09:06 EDT 2019

Dan is talking 500 times difference in response tho. That’s a bit more substantial. Plus speed degradation to a device designed to run Android 7.0 shouldn’t be to that degree either, for display or under the hood. The G5 has an octo 1.4ghz, the iPhoneX is 6core 2.39, only 4 times as fast (8-10 times offscreen), not 200-500. \?/

Another test would be to see how fast it creates a variable with 10,000 characters using a repeat loop then how long to copy that to another variable. If the numbers are wildly different to the iPhone’s and desktop’s then maybe Jacque is on to something and it is a device specific lag. Otherwise it’s likely a display issue, which could be device specific but could equally be something deeper worth looking into. 


> On 29 Aug 2019, at 23:23, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I'd say it's the phone. The Moto G5 has a budget processor and an old version of Android OS. An iPhoneX is newer and much faster so it isn't really a fair comparison. 

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