Native HTML5 field

hh hh at
Thu Aug 29 13:42:02 EDT 2019

One shouldn't go for months without a gift (for some of you). Here is its.

* Native HTML5 Field v_101 (for HTML5 standalones )*
This works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac, Windows and linux.
(With Firefox are problems when dragging from one field to the other).

Test it from

KEYBOARD. You have UTF-8 input (incl. using dead keys) support, you can
navigate with the arrow keys, home and page keys and scroll using the
mouse wheel. You can also use the virtual keyboard.

RICH TEXT. There is a set of LC buttons that allow to set styles for the
selection (in both fields). The buttons have tooltips attached.

You have (for selected parts of the field)
• align left, center, right and justified
• bold, italic, underline and strikeTrough style
• indent in/out
• ordered and bullet lists
• set foreColor and backColor of the field and of selections
• superscripts and subscripts
• a style eraser (remove styles from selection)
• wrap/nowrap
• hyphenation (CSS, english)
• multiple Undo and Redo

Currently there is only one textFont for both fields (either 'Mono=Courier'
or 'Sans=Verdana'). And there is only one textSize (14pt). I'll add support
for textFont and textSize and more styles in the next version.

CLIPBOARD. We have full access to the system clipboard (styled Text only).
Use cmd-A, cmd-X, cmd-C, cmd-V as usual or do it using the context menu.

DRAG/DROP. Drag from one field to the other or drag the file icon of an
UTF-8 file from the desktop to the fields (or from the fields to any app
that accepts text drops.

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