Datagrid2 Form view slow down.

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Thu Aug 22 10:27:58 EDT 2019

Hi Monte,

Many thanks for your response. I don't know how I had inferred that I was
using mobile as this is ONLY for PC Desktop and HTML5 emscripten running in
Chrome on a PC Desktop (which will be the final intended platform). I'm
confused about what I said that caused Herman and yourself to assume I was
talking about mobile. I thought the HTML5 forum was for Desktop Web only.

I checked in dglist for the effective layermode of the Row Templates in my
form and they are coming up as 'static' (set layermode is 'dynamic'). So
there must be some incompatible adornment. But, as Henry asked, what
adornments would cause this? I don't even know what is meant by the term

All I have in my template is 3 standard text fields with no adjustments,
the standard background graphic (no adjustment) and a single rounded
rectangle graphic that sits underneath one of the fields (the only
adjustment I have tried on this is turning off antialiasing just to see if
it made a difference). Is a rounded rectangle classed as an 'adornment'?
But even without this added it still shows as being effective 'static'. If
we can't use simple text fields and a simple rect graphic without affecting
the effective layerMode then Form view is near useless.

I look forward to being educated about adornments? Thanks again.


you need to use...

put the effective layermode of grp "Row Template 0001" of grp "dglist"
of grp "DG_Browse"



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