not building standalone due to password protected stack LC950Indy

JJS jjs at
Fri Aug 9 11:09:35 EDT 2019


i've not seen this before:

Could not auto-detect inclusions or security categories because stack is 
password protected

It seems like setting the password for stacks in the standalone setting 
is not working. If i set it and save the stack, then open the stack in 
notepad++ i can read all.

When i use: Set the Password of stack"encryptme" to "thisisapassword" 
and do the same thing in notepad++ it is all jibberish as expected.

But then i load it again in LC950Indy, and i get above mentioned error.

Same error when i open a script and enter the password, even then it's 
not able to build.

In previous LC versions this was working correct.

Anyone seen this?

Is there a quick fix?



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