Save Standalone Settings Externally

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Aug 4 09:13:21 EDT 2019

Another, possible simpler solution:

a) what you change the standalone setting in the standalones, you can, if wanted, test building, the app *without* being forced to save the stack. 

b) Somehow you would have to address the Standalone setting in RAM or save to some *.temp file ... when you created the standalone

c) Then if you made changes that *need* to be saved, then save it.


    When working collaborately with a framework on Git Hub. There is always an issue of the stack that will be made the standalone for the app.
    No changes are made to binary other than settings in the standalone, which you may does simply for testing.
    Now, if you "pull" the project in Git Hub, you are prompted that the changes to need to be committed…etc.  if you do, then you will get a conflict when you will pull. So the usual practice (for me anyway) is to
    a) be sure the only changes in the binary are to the SA settings, nothing else
    b) run git stash
    c) then pull
    Is there some way to externalize the SA setting so that they don’t change the binary?
    This way you could
      1.  Load SA setting for testing # call it "MyMainStack_SA-Setting.config"
              # git ignore would have a  "MyMainStack_SA-Setting.config" so it does not track
      1.  Now whatever you do  with SA settings for testing, does not check the binary stack.
      2.  Pull without conflict.
    And, now you know for sure that  when you commit the changes where you are for sure changed anything else *other* that the standalone settings? Because you never save it…
    Of course, it you want to save the SA setting in the binary, you *could* save them….
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