Polyglot and CodeRunner

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The trouble with this and Peppermint is they are only for MacOS. So it
doesn't really fall into the LC 'code once for all' bracket. Not that it
isn't useful for some individual projects. But it would be even better if
there was a code runner that was PC, Linux and Windows (and even mobile)
friendly. But I definitely see the advantages for it.

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On Fri, 2 Aug 2019 at 14:21, David Bovill via use-livecode <
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> Does anyone combine Livecode with different programming languages - would
> be interesting to share any experiences. I mainly create wrappers for
> command line tools in Livecode. Sometimes interface with Javascript which I
> want to improve my workflow with.
> I was thinking of of extending the way I work with command line tools -
> then saw how https://coderunnerapp.com/ does it - so thought I'd see if we
> can get Livecode to work with CodeRunner first - has anyone done this?
> *How can I add my own languages to CodeRunner?*CodeRunner's run system is
> based on simple terminal commands, and therefore if you know the terminal
> commands involved in running/compiling code in your language, you can
> easily add it to CodeRunner. To add languages, go to Preferences ->
> Languages, and click the "+" button. In the "Run Command" text box, enter
> the command you use to run the language from the terminal. E.g. if the
> interpreter is called mylang, you would enter mylang $filename here.
> If your language uses several commands to run, you can use a CodeRunner
> compile script. Check the box "Language uses compile script" and click the
> "Edit Script..." button. This will open the compile script in the
> CodeRunner editor. The script will contain a further explanation of how to
> use it.
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