Polyglot and CodeRunner

David Bovill david.bovill at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 09:21:43 EDT 2019

Does anyone combine Livecode with different programming languages - would
be interesting to share any experiences. I mainly create wrappers for
command line tools in Livecode. Sometimes interface with Javascript which I
want to improve my workflow with.

I was thinking of of extending the way I work with command line tools -
then saw how https://coderunnerapp.com/ does it - so thought I'd see if we
can get Livecode to work with CodeRunner first - has anyone done this?

*How can I add my own languages to CodeRunner?*CodeRunner's run system is
based on simple terminal commands, and therefore if you know the terminal
commands involved in running/compiling code in your language, you can
easily add it to CodeRunner. To add languages, go to Preferences ->
Languages, and click the "+" button. In the "Run Command" text box, enter
the command you use to run the language from the terminal. E.g. if the
interpreter is called mylang, you would enter mylang $filename here.

If your language uses several commands to run, you can use a CodeRunner
compile script. Check the box "Language uses compile script" and click the
"Edit Script..." button. This will open the compile script in the
CodeRunner editor. The script will contain a further explanation of how to
use it.

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