increasing column width of DG keeps running

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Aug 1 11:08:07 EDT 2019

On 8/1/2019 9:23 AM, JJS via use-livecode wrote:
> hi,
> anyone ever had this:
> Increase the column width of a DG by clicking on the increase button. 
> in the property inspector, keep the mouse down until you think the 
> column is wide enough.
> Then it keeps running --read increasing the width-- forever, or until 
> probably the max of 65000 somewhere.
> Have this in all versions of LC in win10. But never made a bug report 
> yet.
> I can only stop this by ending LC in the task manager.
> Have you seen this?

I develop under WIn10. Like Bob, I tend to type in numbers for column 
width rather than use the arrow, but I just created a new stack in 
LC905rc1, added a new DataGrid, created 2 columns and tried to resize 
the first column using the property inspector arrows. For Width, 
MinWidth and MaxWidth I could size upa nd down using the arrows without 
it continuing once I released the mouse.

I did see a bug when editing column names. Add a column. Type in the 
Column name. The click on the Column label field of the PI and types a 
label. Press tab, get an error "object does not have that property" and 
the Col # name references as the object. I think the closeField handler 
in the PI for the column name is broken.

I report the bug I found to the Quality Center as

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