Troubleshooting revIgniter library functions

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Fri Nov 30 11:14:20 EST 2018

Hi Keith,

if you change the name of your library to
and if you adjust the name in your controller respectively
all should work as expected.
There is a naming convention for library files, i.e.
camel case is not allowed, but it seems this is not
mentioned in the user guide.
Sorry for the hassle. Will fix that.


> On 30. Nov 2018, at 15:23, Keith Clarke via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Thanks Ralf (& Andre) for the responses.
> I have read the user guide and understood more than I expected, given my basic HTML + jQuery + CSS background! I’ve also been learning more as I build my app out using user guide worked examples where they exist.
> Thanks for the syntax for processing the response returned from the library - I know understand the central role of the controller page and how that call & response should work. 
> Thanks also for the tip regarding the log, as that has proven more revealing… errors when attempting to load library files into any controllers.
> Stripping back to basics, I have created a library file in the default system/application/libraries folder that contains just the prototype markup from the user guide.
> My default controller is (copied from which throws an error "Unable to load the requested library:Testlib” if I add 'rigLoaderLoadLibrary “testLib” ‘ to the home or index handler markup.
> Any clues as to what I may have missed?  
> Thanks
> Keith

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