How to update a css file when using the Browser widget

James Hale james at
Sun Nov 4 08:43:48 EST 2018

@brian - yes I am on a Mac. I wondered if it was webkit too. However Safari performs as expected. 
I load the page in Safari, then change the css and then reload the page in Safari (using the reload button in the address field) and the page reloads using the modified css.

@Phil - no joy with the extra argument either. I went one step further and made a second different page and differently called css.
I then loaded my first page. Changed the css. Loaded the second page (which called a third, differently named css) and then reloaded my original page.
It loaded but still used the original (but no longer present) css. And I tried this with both normal load and widget deletion/recreation too.

This is one sticky css!


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