How to dismiss keyboard on mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed May 9 15:21:20 EDT 2018

On mobile

I have a UI (for searching audio)


1) user make a text selection (search box)
2) need to dismiss the keyboard (having made the text selection, which remains)
3) so she can choose some other radio buttons: like "Title" or "Sub-title" or "Genre"  (this is a audio/music search UI)

How to get rid of the keyboard? And let the user can keep going in the UI while field keeps the data, until "submit" or clicks "search"

On iOS is see a control for keyboard search where word "Done" appears above/right of the keyboard. You click it, the keyboard disappears

Can we hack that UI in Livecode? There must be some way to make the keyboard disappear -- without triggering any other action.

Putting this in the field does not help.

on returnKey
end returnKey

# does nothing: one would expect the field to lose focus/keyboard goes away.


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