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Not by the engine. There may be a better way, but the code is in button
1003. _getObjectLongName starts on line 421. I built the long ID on line
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> Brian Milby wrote:
>  > The end goal is to enable a binary stack to have the scripts within
>  > tracked via GitHub.  A closely related goal is to enable editing of
>  > said scripts via an external editor.  Script only stacks are not the
>  > way that I want to go for these projects (they are distributed as
>  > stacks and used within the IDE as plugins).  I've got import/export
>  > working and a directory watcher that will start an import when a file
>  > is updated.  Unlike lcVCS, this does not attempt to do anything with
>  > tracking the other parts of the stack, just the scripts.
> Ah, very cool.  Thanks.
> As for the inconsistent bg refs which started this thread, my first
> inclination is that since consistent absolute refs are critical, any
> differences in what "long ID" returns based on what card you're on (or
> where you're sitting, or what day of the week it is, or other factors
> that don't change the object being referred to) would be a bug, since
> it's counter to the design goal of "long ID".
> Was that resolved in a way that would illuminate me?
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