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Thu Mar 29 18:47:52 CEST 2018

Hi Mike

Two very  useful sessions (for me anyway) and the ones that would produce
code that everyone can use when we share the results is using
 FFI for  Android/Java , Windows and IOS No  3 sessions Android/Java,
Windows and IOS and Linux No 4 ...... nobody expects the Spanish
Inquisition ...

All joking apart for me at the moment in Order Android and Windows FFI
would be be the most useful - for two reason.

On the Android front I want to encapsulate the Java SDK calls for Star or
Epson Bluetooth Receipt printers and maybe get this Eddyston/Beacons show
on the road(I think others on this list might agree that would be awesome).

To save time here is a library for B4J (its the java version and it is
totally free - for commercial use as well), I have   B4A (and B4 for IOSI)
if Livecode can't do it but the "designer" if you can call it that leaves a
lot to be desired. I would love to be able to code my lowlevel stuff in B4A
(it's closer to the metal) but use Livecode for the GUI stuff.

Now if we had a way of encapsulation Python code ........ Ali/Mark over to

Another  session would be how to encapsulate Windows DLLs using FFI - so
many libraries for different languages  that we could use as is.

Regards Lagi

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> Looking for suggestions for sessions for LCG, whether advanced, beginner,
> or somewhere in between
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