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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Mar 24 16:12:51 EDT 2018

Tom Glod wrote:

> I think the premise was for new users to discover it in that.  I may look
> into it when there is more time ...... i wouldn't have much use for it
> myself though.


I've found it useful to go through the Bugzilla request queue a couple 
times a year and see what folks are asking for.  Some really great ideas 
there.  Many require engine engineering.

Taking engine programmers off the engine to do work any scripter can do 
slows down development of the engine we all rely on.

And if the scriptable task isn't even something we'd use, just how 
useful would it be to others?

So many good and powerful things to do in the world, but if we really 
thing about it many are things we can do ourselves.  When we realize 
that, we're able to have what we want much sooner.

That is, if it's something we really want. :)

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