Stupid Question Again - Proportional Scaling

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Sun Mar 18 21:36:43 CET 2018

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 > On 3/18/18 12:41 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
 >> Exactly.  The contents of the window can respond to the resizeStack
 >> message to be maximized within the window's content region without
 >> necessarily constraining the resize of the window's shape itself.
 > Sure, but aesthetically it's ugly.

That's a pretty sweeping dismissal of the countless apps that handle 
this problem that way.

Some feel that many multi-window apps are ugly, in a world increasingly 
migrating to less fidgety UIs that keep everything in one window 
separated by panes (consider Premier vs iMovie).

Personally, I'm disinclined to consider any solution "ugly" until I've 
seen the context of use.

With this challenge of displaying an image in a window, if the common 
solution is truly ugly you've chosen the wrong neutral color. ;)

Otherwise it's simply a design decision, as attractive or unattractive 
as you make it.

Inventing novel interaction models that break from user expectations is 
not without some risk of its own.  I won't go so far as to say it's 
necessarily ugly, but whenever I find myself considering a seldom-seen 
against-the-grain solution I first look at how others solve this and 
consider the necessity of inventing new ways of doing things as common 
as resizing windows.

But in some rare cases, rare solutions may be the perfect fit.

HH's code is very nice - does the job well, resizing very smoothly on my 
Ubuntu box.  If it's what's needed, by all means use it.

Without seeing the full app design, I have no opinion of whether any 
proposed solution could be considered attractive or otherwise.  I'm just 
providing options for consideration.

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