Stupid Question Again - Proportional Scaling

hh hh at
Sun Mar 18 14:29:26 EDT 2018

You could try the following (doesn't need a shiftkey down).
Put the following into the stack's script and drag anywhere the
image to resize it and the stack proportionally (topLeft fixed).

-- 1. Don't use any resize stack handler
-- 2. set resizable of the stack to FALSE

local l0, t0, ew, eh

on mouseDown
  put the long id of the target into tgt
  if not tgt begins with "image " then exit mouseDown
  put the left of this stack into l0
  put the top of this stack into t0
  put the formattedWidth of tgt into ew
  put the formattedHeight of tgt into eh
  put the right of tgt - the clickH into dx
  setRects dx,tgt
end mouseDown

on setRects dx,tgt
  lock screen; lock messages
  put dx+the mouseH into w0; put eh/ew * w0 into h0
  set the rect of this stack to (l0,t0,l0+w0,t0+h0)
  set the rect of tgt to (0,0,w0,h0)
  if the mouse is down --> TMHO, polling the mouse is here OK
  then send "setRects dx,tgt" to me in 8 millisecs --> 8-16 millisecs

end setRects

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