Not sure what to do.....can I run this by you guys?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 15 22:14:40 EDT 2018

Tom Glod wrote:
 > Hi guys, I've brought this up before.....and the time to solve is
 > coming sooner than I expected.
 > 1. My project must be open source
 > 2. I must communicate with cloud service not one request at a time.
 > 3. TsNet is not open source and I love that LC has a feature that
 > can bring them important revenue.
 > But I have to create a workaround ... so its hackathon time....
 > My first idea is to do this :
 >    - Create process in Go using Go Routines to give me concurrent http
 >    requests
 >    - send all my requests to that process via a non-blocking socket
 >    - read from the socket in non-blocking way to receive the data
 >  returned
 >    for the requests until all requests have completed or timed out.

While it is unfortunate that LC is among the few open source languages 
that doesn't have CURL support, in your case I wonder if it's truly 

The engine's socket support is generally pretty good, and libURL can be 
modified.  What exactly do you need to do?

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