Strange problem with tsNet external on Windows

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Also check tsNet, it's way down at the bottom of the inclusions pane. Or you can disable tsNet and use only libURL.

Here are a couple of handlers to find out if is tsNet is enabled. Below that is how to explicitly enable/disable tsNet.

function GetNetworkType
   local tLibUrlDriver
      put the behavior of stack"revLibUrl" into tLibUrlDriver
   end try
   if tLibUrlDriver is empty then
      return "Sockets"
      return "tsNet"
   end if
end GetNetworkType

command NetworkType
   if GetNetworkType() = "Sockets" then
      answer"tsNet is disabled"
      answer "tsNet in use"&cr&"Version==>"& tsNetVersion()
   end if
end NetworkType

To unload:

    dispatch "revUnloadLibrary" to stack "tsNetLibUrl"

To load again:

    dispatch "revLoadLibrary" to stack "tsNetLibUrl"

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I have a LiveCode standalone running as PC app (a .exe file, plus some other files which are needed when it runs). If I simply run the original standalone on Windows 7 (OK, running under Parallels on a Mac), it all just works. If I create an installer for the program and its dependent files using Inno Setup, the whole thing appears to run smoothly, but when I run the installed version of the app (which is exactly the same size as the original standalone, as expected), I get an error from the LC engine “Initialization Error: Failed to load external: tsNet”. I suppose I have somehow failed to include tsNet, but it was specifically included in the standalone (as “internet”) and anyway the original standalone works.

Should I somehow be giving my installed app a path to the LC externals? I’m confused.

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