Strange problem with tsNet external on Windows

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Mar 15 11:47:15 EDT 2018

I have a LiveCode standalone running as PC app (a .exe file, plus some other files which are needed when it runs). If I simply run the original standalone on Windows 7 (OK, running under Parallels on a Mac), it all just works. If I create an installer for the program and its dependent files using Inno Setup, the whole thing appears to run smoothly, but when I run the installed version of the app (which is exactly the same size as the original standalone, as expected), I get an error from the LC engine “Initialization Error: Failed to load external: tsNet”. I suppose I have somehow failed to include tsNet, but it was specifically included in the standalone (as “internet”) and anyway the original standalone works.

Should I somehow be giving my installed app a path to the LC externals? I’m confused.


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