iOS cached Screen Flashes after Splash Image

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Wed Mar 14 17:12:14 CET 2018

I don't have a clear answer for this, but just an observation: iPhone  
5 was the last of the Apple 32bit hardware devices. That makes me  
think this is an OS issue more than an LC issue.

--Andrew Bell

> I'm getting a very strange complaint from one user who has an older  
> iPhone 5 running iOS 11.2. When the app opens it briefly flashes the  
> last screen that was up before the app was closed. This happens in  
> between the splash page and the app's first card. The page flashed  
> page sometimes even has an "answer" dialog from a previous session!  
> I can't replicate it on any of my 3 iOS devices. I also noticed that  
> Pandora and Google Maps does the same thing on my iPad Mini but on  
> my iPad or iPod. The user has two other non-LC apps that are doing  
> the cached flashing. All of the user's other apps except for LC apps  
> and two others don't exhibit the flashing behavior. I'm wondering if  
> the Apple throttle-back for older batteries is exposing: a problem  
> with LC(and other apps), an iOS bug or their device need a factory  
> reset. The last thing I want to do is have the user factory reset  
> their iPhone and have the same thing happen. Could this be an Apple  
> bug for testers that side load many versions of apps? This user has  
> side-loaded many versions to test. Then I had download a store  
> version of the app that never did it before and it's now happening  
> but never did before. I find it very strange that apps that never  
> did this are now acting strangely. I find very little in web  
> searches on this subject. The few hits I've seen were mainly Safari  
> a couple of years ago and a one or two non native Xcode "app  
> building" platforms.
> Has anyone else ever seen this?
> Thanks
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
> rdimola at

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