Forcing a device update

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The devices refresh automatically on both my Win 10(Android) and OS X
10.12.6 Xcode 9.2 (iOS and Android). I'm using 8.1.9 GM. I tested by
plugging devices in/out/in. 

You could try this in the message box for Android. It's untested. (found it
by scratching in the IDE).

dispatch "androidDevicesChanged" to stack ("revDeployLibraryAndroid")

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Is there a way to force the IDE to look for attached mobile devices without
restarting LiveCode?

Typically I have half a dozen scripts open and I'm doing multiple test
builds to a cabled phone. I edit some scripts and during that time the phone
goes into low-power mode (not asleep or locked.) When I tap it to show the
launcher again, LC has lost the device and I have to restart LC to make it
scan again.

I can use Terminal to rescan if necessary, but even after it sees the phone,
LC still doesn't.

I need a message box command to make LC "see" the device again. 
Restarting loses all my open script windows and I have to relaunch the stack
and set everything up again.

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