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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jul 27 15:17:34 EDT 2018

John McKenzie wrote:
 >  Because I like word play I might make my own text file format, the
 > "Extended Livecode Optimized Serialized Object Notation" format or
 > ELSON. It adds just enough features to LSON to make identical to JSON.
 > Being stupid and redundant it will be the hot new buzzword in the
 > computing industry.

Buzzwords are important.  If you don't use enough of them you'll never 
find adequate funding. :)

 >  Using arrays intigues me, especially if I can just keep it in RAM (It
 > is a small amount of data for sure).

One great thing about LC's built-in support for arrays is that it's 

JSON has become used in so many other languages that we've forgotten why 
it was invented:  to serialize JavaScript objects as simply and 
efficiently as possible using features already built into the JavaScript 

LSON is that for us, as much a with-the-grain approach to data handling 
in LiveCode as JSON is for JavaScript.

ELSON and any number of other variants can be fun, but what will you do 
with the deserialized native form as you work with it in your program? 
If that native form is an array, there may be no need to do anything 
more than what LC already gives us straight out of the box.

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