OT: On-Rev cPanel (port 2083) access blocked by BT Smart Hub router?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at me.com
Fri Jul 27 12:06:28 EDT 2018

Hi folks,
Apologies for OT thread - but I’m hoping there may be a UK-based fellow on-rev hosting user, with BT Broadband + Smart Hub, who can confirm whether any router tweaks are needed to access port 2083 (for on-rev cPanel), which seems to be blocked from any device on my home network (BT Broadband & Smart Hub)?

I’m no router/network expert but think it’s my router configuration, as:
I can reach the cPanel page using my phone’s mobile hotspot - i.e. avoiding my home router & ISP
The mothership’s hosting support team confirm that other on-rev users - and they themselves - are getting to cPanel OK via BT broadband services

Checking the Smart Hub router’s fairly limited settings (even in the ‘advanced’ area), there are no outbound blocking firewall settings in play and indeed, no outbound port management facility that I can find. 

I even experimented with port-forwarding 2083 direct to my Mac but that didn’t work - not that I expect it to, as my understanding of port-forwarding is for inbound traffic anyway.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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