Storing Images for use by Custom Controls

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu Jul 26 12:47:22 EDT 2018

Yes that is exactly it. And because of that, if LC does not "see" that first group before the copy, then the images will not display correctly. If the images are in the same stack, then there is no problem, you can make copies of the group as much as you want, but suppose you copied the group from one stack to another, like a new substack in the same mainstack, or a completely different mainstack? Well then, BIG problem! 

That is why I came up with the naming method. It makes the group completely portable. I could have gotten around the issue of the file links not being found by using absolute file references instead of relative ones ie. 

/Users/bobsneidar/Documents/Livecode Projects/Forms Generator 8/Images/PlusDisabled.png 

instead of 


and then I could use a cetral image repository, but then the idea of skinning the app would not have worked without replacing the images in the central repository, which would affect ALL your projects that used them. 

Bob S

> On Jul 26, 2018, at 01:52 , Simon Knight via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Bob,
> The reason I went for the array rather than a naming convention such as you suggest is because I have no idea how Livecode resolves the names.  I have an impression that it looks at the stack and works its way up through the images in ID order.  The upshot is that a button in a copy of the first group may well be using images from other groups.

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